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CHF 299.00UVP

FIF19CIB0 iFOTO Carbon Tripod Kit

The FIF19CIB0 Carbon iFoto Tripod Kit from Benro is a 5-piece tripod with backward-folding carbon legs that folds to 35cm. It has a load capacity of 6kg, which is more than enough to hold medium format cameras. The tripod can reach a maximum height of 146cm for hard-to-reach angles or shots, and the legs have three different angles of 23, 55 and 80°, allowing the tripod to reach a minimum height of 33cm. An advantageous feature of the tripod is the detachable leg that becomes a monopod and can be taken to areas where tripods are not allowed or simply do not fit. An IB0 ball head with a load capacity of 6kg is included.
Tripod Equipment
Twist lock, ball head, QR plate
Tripod type