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CHF 499.00UVP

PKT3105EU 150W Softbox Studiolight Kit

The Puluz PKT3105EU video light with 150W has a built-in cooling fan which in combination with the efficient heat dissipation lead to very long operating times without overheating. The brightness can be freely adjusted between 10-100%. The color temperature can also be adjusted between 3200-5600K. Due to a CRI value of at least 97%, color fidelity can be guaranteed at any setting. The Puluz LED continuous light is supplied together with a tripod adjustable in height between 1.1-2.8m and a spherical softbox, which provides a 360 degree beam angle. Thus, with a single lamp, a whole room can be illuminated softly and evenly. The softbox can be assembled and disassembled in a few seconds thanks to the foldable lantern construction. In addition, due to the use of the widely used "Bowens Mount / Bayonet", a wide variety of light shapers from other manufacturers can be used on this light. The 2.4GHz wireless connection also makes it possible to control the light via the supplied remote control.
CRI value
Continuous light equipment
Dimmable, Bowens Mount, Fresnel Lens, U-bracket, Lantern Softbox, Remote Control
Continuous light type
Studio light, video light, softbox
Energy supply
Power supply unit
Colour temperature
13000 LUX / 0.5m
Light intensity
Lighting technology
Scope of delivery
LED Video Light, Lantern Softbox, Light Stand 2.8m