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CHF 189.00UVP

P80S 80W High Power Led Light

GVM's 80W LED video light is a versatile light source with a daylight color temperature of 5600K. The good CRI/TLCI value of 97 is an indicator of the high accuracy in color rendering. The GVM P80S has the possibility to adjust the beam angle. Thus, you can decide whether you want to illuminate more selectively or rather a bit wider. Made of ABS plastic and aluminum, the P80S is powered by the supplied multi-voltage AC power supply and is dimmable between 0%-99%. Due to the use of the widely used "Bowens Mount/ Bayonet", a wide variety of light shapers from other manufacturers can be used on this light. The intelligent cooling system and the efficient heat dissipation ensure that the lamp does not overheat even when used for a long time.
Continuous light equipment
Dimmable, Bowens Mount, Fresnel Lens, U-bracket, App Control
Continuous light type
Studio light, video light
Energy supply
Power supply unit
Light intensity
Scope of delivery
LED video light, light shaper, light stand, color gels, mounting clips