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CHF 19.00UVP

Hoya UX II UV Filter


The UX II UV filter with water-repellent coating is a new development of the HMC UV(C) filter, which is now integrated into the new standard class of the UX II series together with the UX II CIR-PL filter. The UX II UV filter is a completely redesigned product aimed at entry-level users, offering high quality standards with basic and contemporary features. Although UV rays are not visible to the naked eye, they can affect the image when shooting in places such as the ocean or mountains, resulting in blurred outlines or pale and whitish images. UV filters can suppress the UV spectrum contained in daylight that mainly causes bad effects on images. This filter can be used with both film and digital cameras for more vivid images. Besides, this filter serves as a daily lens protector when it remains permanently attached.
Anti-reflection & water-repellent coating on both sides
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter type
UV filter