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CHF 59.00UVP

Hoya UV & IR Cut Filter


The HOYA UV&IR Cut is a special filter that can cut both UV rays below 390 nm and IR rays above 700 nm, allowing only the light rays in the visible spectrum to pass through the filter and into the camera. This filter is used on digital and video cameras that do not have an IR protection filter in front of the image sensor or have been converted. This is important because unfiltered CCD and CMOS sensors are extremely susceptible to UV and IR radiation just outside the visible spectrum, which can have a very negative effect on image quality. PLEASE NOTE: The UV IR Cut Filter is intended for use with digital SLR cameras and cine cameras that do NOT have an IR filter installed in front of the sensor. Color balance effects may occur when this filter is used with cameras that have an IR filter installed in front of the sensor. Please consult the user manual of your camera before use.
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter type
UV filter| Infrared blocking filter