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CHF 59.00UVP

Hoya HD UV(0) Filter


The Hoya HD(0) UV filter cuts unwanted ultraviolet rays, reduces haze and increases clarity. In addition, the UV filter serves very well as a protective glass for the lens. The filter features Ultra Clear High Translucency UV-Cut glass, which is chemically enhanced and 4x stronger than regularly used protective glass. The HD coating consists of 16 layers on both sides, as well as an anti-reflective multi-coating. In addition, the filter is water and oil repellent, scratch and dirt resistant. The ultra-thin HD frame makes the filter more wide-angle lens compatible. The frame was mounted around the glass using a high-pressure molding technique.
16-fold (both sides )Anti-Reflective Multi-Coating
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter type
UV filter