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CHF 69.00UVP

Hoya HD Nano Mk II UV Filter


The HD nano Mk II coatings are the toughest, most scratch and stain resistant coatings offered by any manufacturer. The HD nano Mk II UV filter is a filter with a UV blocking curve that does not affect the visible light range. In addition, this filter features a new active coating that protects the lens from rubbing while allowing for easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints. The HD nano Mk II glass is a 4x stronger, chemically enhanced optical glass. The newly developed coating adheres to the glass surface more firmly and densely than before due to the nano level. As a result, the particles are layered on the glass surface with extremely high density, resulting in a hard and smooth coating.
32-ply (both sides) ultra-smooth, ultra-hard nano coating
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter type
UV filter