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CHF 49.00UVP

Hoya HD Mk II UV Filter


The Hoya HD Mk II UV filter absorbs ultraviolet radiation that often makes outdoor photos cloudy and indistinct. A versatile, weatherproof filter for color and black and white photography. In addition, the filter also serves as a permanent lens protector. However, with constant use, your valuable lenses will be protected from expensive damage to the front lens that could be caused by dirt, bumps or scratches. The High Density Sharp Cut UV glass has been chemically enhanced and reinforced 4-fold. The double-sided 16-layer anti-reflective multi-layer coating is water and oil repellent, as well as scratch and dirt resistant. The ultra-thin frame is compatible with wide-angle lenses. The glass was mounted via high-pressure molding technology.
16-fold (both sides )Anti-Reflective Multi-Coating
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter type
UV filter