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CHF 119.00UVP

Hoya PRO ND Filter Kit 8/64/1000 Filter Set


The HOYA PROND filter kit is an indispensable filter kit. The kit consists of 3 ND filters - PROND8, PROND64 and PROND1000, which allow the photographer to capture the world in different expressions. PROND8, PROND64 and PROND1000 are the main ND filters that help realize three common expressions frequently used among photographers. The ACCU-ND technology used in the coating process results in a truly neutral color balance that will not give your images a noticeable color cast. HOYA PROND filters incorporate a precisely engineered thick aluminum frame to prevent light loss for proper exposure and color balance. PROND8 (3-STOP) HOYA PROND8 is indispensable for shooting with fast lenses at wide open aperture during daytime, which is perfect for portrait photography with shallow depth of field. The subject appears sharp and clear on the soft, out-of-focus background. PROND1000 (10-STOPS) HOYA PROND1000 is indispensable for expressing an unreal fantasy world, thanks to the reduction of the amount of light by 10 stops. Widely used in seascapes to blur the waves, on the street to apply the movement of clouds, and in architecture to blot out moving people. PROND FILTERS IN VIDEO PRODUCTION ND filters in video recording are also an irreplaceable tool. For example, when shooting with a Sony camera in slog mode, the ISO cannot be set below 800. To get natural motion blur, it is recommended to adjust the shutter speed to the frame/rate setting. The combination of PROND8+PROND1000 gives the same effect as ND8000, which allows you to capture the surface of the sun without overexposure with solid color and visibility of the black spots.
Aperture reduction
2-stops| 6-stops| 10-stops
Bulletpoint 1
Filter diameter of 58 mm
Bulletpoint 2
Artistic effect filter; designed for slow shutter photography - long exposures
Bulletpoint 3
3 different ND filters to cope with different situations
Bulletpoint 4
Metal-coated for optimized image quality
Bulletpoint 5
Including transport bag which can also be used to protect the filters
Eigenschaften lang
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter thread
58 mm
Filter type
ND / gray filter
Grey filter
ND8| ND64| ND1000
Light transmission
12.5%| 1.56%| 0.1%
Optical density
0.9| 1.8| 3.0
Pro ND Filter Kit