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CHF 99.00UVP

Hoya PRO ND EX Filter Kit 8/64/1000


In recent years, long exposure photography has become an extremely popular genre, as it offers numerous opportunities to show the world around you in an artistic and unusual way. For this purpose, ND filters are an indispensable tool. But which ND filter is better to start with? This is a question asked by many amateur photographers who want to venture into slow shutter speed photography. With this question in mind, Hoya has put together an indispensable ND kit to help photographers get started with this challenge. The HOYA PROND EX FILTER KIT is an essential filter kit for amateur and professional photographers, as well as for video content creation. The kit consists of 3 ND filters - PROND EX 8, PROND EX 64 and PROND EX 1000, which allow photographers to capture the world in different expressions.
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter type
ND / gray filter