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CHF 39.00UVP

Hoya Digital Filter Kit II (UV, CIR-PL & ND8) Filter Set


HOYA Digital Filter Kit II contains 3 main filters in one package, which are very commonly used in photography. Included in the set are: UV(C) FILTER A UV(C) filter is used to intercept UV light and is used for general lens protection. Made with a high quality UV cut and anti-reflective coating which has been applied to both sides. CIRCULAR POLARIZATION FILTER (CIR-PL) A circular polarization filter is a basic filter with polarization effect to eliminate unwanted reflections or improve contrast of sky and natural objects. NDX8 An ND (Neutral Density) 8 filter reduces the amount of light by 3 stops and is equivalent to 8 times slower shutter speed. By using this filter it is possible to achieve the effect of blurred movement of water or moving objects despite an open aperture. In addition, the ND8 filter is suitable for filming in bright environments with a fixed shutter speed and open aperture. Filter factor 8, transmissivity 12.5%, density 0.9 f/stop 3.
Aperture reduction
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter thread
37 mm
Filter type
UV filter| Polarizing filter| ND / gray filter
Grey filter
Light transmission
Optical density
Filter Kit II