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CHF 119.00

H3H3-21 Expert Kit (P) M

Cokin H3H3-21 Expert Kit incl. filter holder, 4 rings (P452, P455, P458, P462), 3 filters (P121, P121M, P153) The COKIN Expert Kit is an excellent introduction to working with Cokin filters. Because the Expert Kit contains everything photographers and filmmakers need to work with gray filters. Adapter rings in the diameters: 52 mm, 55 mm , 58 mm and 62 mm. However, many more adapter ring versions are optionally available. Foggy-looking streams, distorted cloud formations or simply photographing or filming with an open aperture, even though the lighting situation no longer allows it. In addition to a filter holder and the four adapter rings, the Expert Kit from Cokin includes three different filters: The ND4 gray filter (N° 153) reduces the incident light by two stops. The GND8 graduated filter (N° 121) partially reduces the incident light by 3 stops, while the GND4 filter (N° 121M) provides a gradual darkening of 2 stops.
Filter system
Slide-in filter
Filter type
Filter holder, ND / gray filter