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CHF 39.00UVP

Hoya Mist Diffuser Black No0.5


Black Mist filters are soft filters coated with fine black scattering material. Black Mist filters suppress highlight and shadow contrasts, resulting in a soft image. Without retouching, Black Mist filters enable you to create cinematic photos and videos. The Hoya Mist Diffuser Black Mist No0.5 provides a stunning cinematic atmosphere. This filter has a unique bleed effect on city lights. Whether you focus directly on lights or create circular blurs of light, the filter provides an excellent diffused effect. The warmth of Black Mist filters comes into its own in rainy situations. Streetlights and large light sources can be beautifully & softly emphasized with Mist Diffuser Black No0.5. Regardless of the backlighting, the photo is not brightened, with the contrast of highlights and shadows limited to create a soft image. The light is softened, creating a unique Black Mist mood. Contrast is weak in portrait photos, making skin appear smooth, as if a veil has been placed over it. The filter strongly helps to improve the atmosphere of landscape photos. By increasing the exposure, it creates a soft and transcendent light. Given the weak contrast, shots taken near windows with natural light create a unique atmosphere.
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Black Mist
Black Mist