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CHF 189.00UVP

Hoya AC Pro1 Digital Close-up +3 Filter


The HOYA PRO1D AC CLOSE-UP No.3 is a multi-coated achromatic (AC) close-up lens, which can be used for macro photography with digital or film cameras. The achromatic (AC) close-up lens consists of two sandwiched glass elements that produce a sharper, higher quality image by minimizing chromatic aberrations compared to a shot with a conventional close-up lens. A fully clear optical lens element within a lightweight aluminum frame allows you to get closer to the subject and capture the image, which is not possible with the master lens alone due to the minimum focusing distance limitation. The close-up lens is an extremely practical tool that allows macro-style shooting by attaching it to the front part of the master lens. In other words, the close-up lens shortens the original minimum working distance of your lens, allowing you to get closer to the subject and shoot it with greater magnification. With the close-up lens, you can enter a new world of creativity and take detailed close-up pictures. Suggested for shooting flora, insects and small objects.
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Screw filter
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Close-up lenses