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CHF 29.00UVP

Hoya UX CIR-PL filter


The abbreviation UX stands for "User Experience" and follows the motto of designing the UX filters to be as user-friendly as possible. For the first time, the ultra-flat filters feature an "HMC WR" (High Multi Coated Water repellent) coating that repels water and makes it easier to remove dirt. For the new UX series, the previous coating has been expanded to include two additional WR coating layers on both sides of the glass. The new 10x coating on both sides of the filter glass also provides reliable reflection suppression. The glass of both filters is held by a new and very thin aluminum mount. This will prevent vignetting on wide-angle and super-wide-angle lenses. The Hoya UX CIR-PL filter removes annoying reflections on non-metallic surfaces. The effect of the HOYA UX CIR-PL filter can be infinitely adjusted via its rotating ring. With circular polarizing filters, photographers can achieve creative, in-camera effects that are no longer possible after the image has been created. By rotating the ultra-smooth filter, you can select just the right amount of filtering needed for the creative effect.
Anti-reflection & water-repellent coating on both sides
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter thread
37 mm
Filter type
Polarizing filter