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CHF 39.00UVP

Hoya Fusion ONE Next CIR-PL Filter


The Hoya Fusion One Next series complements the HOYA filter product line by merging all of the highly regarded basic specifications, such as multi-layer coating, ultra-high light transmission, high quality optical glass and low profile frame, while newly incorporating a dirt and water repellent coating to meet the new standards in the photographic optical accessories industry. A polarizing filter filters unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass, as well as light that reflects moisture and contaminants in the atmosphere. By rotating the ultra-smooth filter, you can select just the right amount of filtering needed for the creative effect. This results in a bluer sky, greener leaves, reduced or eliminated reflections, and increases the clarity of the final image. The ultra-thin frame is compatible with wide-angle lenses and rotates ultra-smoothly due to the precise processing.
18-fold ultra-high light transmission Multi-Coating
Frame thickness
6.65 mm
Filter system
Screw filter
Filter thread
Filter type
Polarizing filter
Fusion ONE Next