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CHF 229.00

Frameo Touch WiFi 10.1 Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Frameo Touch WiFi offers everything that makes a modern digital picture frame. The heart of the digital picture frame is the ability to send pictures to the frame from anywhere in the world. To do this, the picture frame only needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi at home, which can be done easily and intuitively thanks to the built-in 10.1-inch multi-touch display. The connection runs via the Frameo app, which can be installed on the smartphone for free. The app can be installed by all family members or friends and registered for the picture frame. This then allows them to send pictures & videos to the frame. For example, a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower can be sent directly from Paris to grandma's Puluz picture frame, which immediately displays the image. Thanks to the 16GB internal memory, thousands of photos and videos can be stored locally on the frame. The MicroSD slot also allows you to expand the memory by up to 32GB or even save pictures from your computer to the Puluz frame via MicroSD card if there is no wifi connection. The photo frame comes with a stand that can be easily rotated depending on whether the frame should be placed horizontally or vertically. The gyro sensor built into the Frameo Touch WiFi detects how the frame is positioned and automatically aligns the picture accordingly. Another special feature is the possibility to power the picture frame via Micro USB, which makes the frame extraordinarily mobile or can also be operated via USB connection to the computer or cell phone charger.
Micro USB, power plug, microSD, 3.5mm
WiFi, touchscreen, 16GB internal memory, P2P technology, horizontal & vertical orientation, gyro sensor
Mains operation, Micro USB
Digital photo frame, power supply
10-point multi-touch