CHF 89.00UVP

Rucksack Gewehrgurt SV schwarz

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You should definitely build a backpack - rifle harness. This suggestion came again and again from mountain hunters and also from other hunters who want to move their hands and arms without restriction when hunting. After initial skepticism, Niggeloh followed these requests and worked on a solution that would live up to the company slogan "Carrying made easy". The result has now been presented: A backpack rifle sling that combines the carrying comfort of neoprene with quick operability. It is also extremely robust. The shoulder section made of neoprene parts ensures comfort. The straps in the lower part have an extremely large adjustment possibility, so that the weapon can be carried even over a backpack. The proven buckles on both sides in the middle of the belt allow a lightning-fast opening of the belt and thus the absolutely necessary quick grip on the weapon.