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CHF 249.00

TSN-PA8 Photo adapter

Compatible with the following current Kowa System-S spotting scopes:TSN663M/664MTSN-601/602TSN-82SVDigiscoping adapter for DSLR, as well as compact and also mirrorless system cameras.It has never been easier to digiscope with a Kowa spotting scope.The eyepiece is unscrewed from the spotting scope body. The inner ring of the TSN-PA8 adapter is connected to the accessory thread, directly to the spotting scope body. Then the eyepiece is attached to the spotting scope again and now the outer ring of the TSN-PA8 adapter can be slid over the eyepiece and fixed with the knurled screw. It is designed to be used in combination with the TSE-Z9B eyepiece, so that the full zoom range can be utilized even when digiscoping, allowing very long focal lengths to be achieved.This adapter can also be used with many older Kowa spotting scope models that have been on the market for decades. To find out details, you can download related information from our Kowa System S-Link.