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CHF 259.00

TSN-PA7 Photo adapter

The Kowa TSN-PA7A D-SLR digiscoping adapter turns a KOWA TSN 880/770 spotting scope into an extremely powerful telephoto lens for a DSLR, compact system camera or MFT camera body. This allows you to not only experience breathtaking views of the world around you, but also capture highly magnified, detailed and vivid photos and videos. The TSN-PA7A connects your camera body directly to the body of the spotting scope including eyepiece via a T2 ring, creating a powerful, lightweight and compact telephoto lens.Designed for use with Kowa TE-11WZ / TE-10Z zoom eyepieces, the design allows full use of the zoom eyepiece range, up to a focal length of 2.750mm.The image focus is adjusted via the two focusing rollers of the dual focus system.With the fast and ultra-fine focus options, you have full control over the focusing.
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