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CHF 89.00

TSN-IP7/8 Digiscoping Adapter iPhone 7/8

TSN-AR YS Adapter ring for:Kowa YF and SVII / SV 32/42/50 binoculars.TSN-AR11WZ Adapter Ring for:TE-11WZ 25-60x WW zoom for TSN-880/770TE-10Z 20-60x zoom for TSN-880/770TE-17W 30x WW for TSN-880/770Turn your smartphone into a super telephoto lens and combine the high-quality camera and video capabilities of your smartphone with the performance and legendary quality of a Kowa spotting scope or binocular to create an ultra-compact, high-quality super telephoto lens. It couldn't be easier to capture high-quality telephoto photos or video with your smartphone through the Kowa RP Series smartphone adapters. Simply insert your smartphone into the extremely durable adapter shell and screw on the corresponding adapter ring (sold separately). That's all you need to do. Then slide the adapter ring over the eyepiece of your spotting scope and you're ready to digiscope.The entire process takes just a few seconds.
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