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CHF 199.00

TSN-DA20 Digi Camera Adapter

Compatible with the following current Kowa System-S eyepieces:TSE-Z9B (20-60x zoom)TSE-14WD (30x wide angle)TSN-550 compact spotting scopesThe TSN-DA20 adapter can also be combined with many older Kowa spotting scopes and eyepieces that have been on the market for decades. To find out details, you can download related information from our Kowa System S-Link.The Kowa TSN-DA20 is designed for use with our current TSE-Z9B (20-60x zoom), TSE-14WD (30x wide-angle) eyepieces, TSN-550 series spotting scopes, and High-Lander eyepieces with 21x, 32x, and 50x magnification.Attachment takes no time at all. Unscrew the eyecup and attach the inner ring of the TSN-DA20 adapter to the now exposed thread.The outer ring of the TSN-DA20 adapter is attached to the filter thread of the objective with an additional adapter ring available from our accessories program (available in the sizes: 28mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, 37mm, 43mm, 46mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm and 72mm). Now you can slip this combination (camera + lens + DA10 outer ring) over the inner ring and fix it with the thumbscrew.With this digiscoping combination, all camera functions including autofocus and focus peaking are retained. In addition, the full zoom range of the eyepiece also remains available, allowing very high focal lengths to be achieved for such a compact system.The performance and ease of use of this system is exceptional. The combination of a Kowa spotting scope with a fast lens with large aperture allows very slow shutter speeds at low ISO settings and provides excellent image qualities.ATTENTION: The combination of a Kowa spotting scope with the TSN-DA20 adapter is also possible with cameras with larger sensors. However, these cameras are usually very heavy and this weight could put too much strain on the filter thread on the lens.Kowa assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage you may cause to your equipment when using our adapters.Alternatively, you can connect the TSN-DA20 adapter directly to your camera body without a lens. For this you need the Kowa TSN-AR42GT adapter ring and a T2 ring suitable for your camera system.
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TSN-DA20 digiscopy adapter, user manual