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CHF 89.95

EP7070 Face Care Kit

A facial care set that combines all wishes: With the Ultimate smooth&silky facial care kit EP7070 from REMINGTON®, cleaning, trimming, epilating and revitalizing is now possible with just one product. Only the attachment needs to be changed in each case. To trim fine facial hairs, the cleaning brush can be exchanged for the second attachment, the small trimmer. All those who also want to remove hairs on the chin, upper lip or forehead and style eyebrows can use the third function of the Ultimate smooth&silky facial care kit. The facial epilator removes even the shortest facial hairs, leaving skin smooth and soft. To round off the facial care and finally give the skin relaxation and revitalization, the fourth attachment of the kit is a perfect addition: the massage roller soothes and revitalizes at the touch of a button and rounds off the professional treatment. The elegant Ultimate smooth&silky facial care kit EP7070 with rosé shiny details is compactly designed so that all applications can be carried out precisely.
Scope of application
Removal of facial hairs on the chin, upper lip, forehead, as well as for the care of eyebrows. Relaxing massage after epilation.
2 years warranty + 1 year extra warranty with online registration
Scope of delivery
3 attachments (cleaning brush, massage roller, mini trimmer), 1x AA VARTA battery